Panagiota Dilara

European Commission, DG GROW, Mobility Unit, Brussels, Belgium


Title of the lecture

Euro 7 emission standard proposal and its effects on future after-treatment technology


Dr. Panagiota Dilara is a Chemical Engineer with a M.Sc and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) for her work in catalysis and surface science.

She worked for 20 years at the European Commissions’s Joint Research Centre in Italy in the fields of transport and energy. She did research and led groups of JRC scientists working in the field of particle measurements, air quality modelling, emission inventories, road-transport and electromobility modelling. For more than 10 years, she was Expert Panel Leader within the United Nations Task Force for Emission Inventories and Projections.

Since 2015, she moved in the Automotive Unit of DG-GROW, in the European Commission in Brussels. She currently leads the Clean Vehicles Team, responsible for the development of the RDE and future emissions legislation and deeply involved in the investigations following the dieselgate in Europe.

She has authored 7 pieces of EU legislation, 32 scientific papers (cited by more than 1000 other papers) and 42 technical reports.

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