11th CAPoC congress


All topics related to applications and requirements of catalysis in automotive (including cars, light and heavy duty vehicles) emission control will be considered such as:

  • Catalyst and sorption technologies (TWC, cold start emission, lean-burn of gasoline and diesel: SCR, storage and other NOX emission control).
  • Particulate emission control for both diesel and gasoline engines.
  • After treatment for gaseous HC, H2 and renewable or reformulated fuel mixtures.
  • Emission control for natural-gas and dual-fuel engines.
  • Emission control for hybrid vehicles.
  • Off-cycles emissions and unregulated pollutants (e.g. greenhouse gases).
  • Materials for catalysts, washcoat and fuel-borne catalysts (additives).
  • Modelling of after treatment systems and catalyst characterization.
  • Integrated emission control systems, on-board diagnostics.
  • Sustainable fuel technologies.
  • Innovative technologies (new materials, recovery of precious metals).